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Zoo-AG English Homepage

Bielefeld Zoo Biology Workgroup!

We are a group of biology students and graduates from the University of Bielefeld, northwestern Germany, but also keepers, architects and multimedia specialists. We meet twice a month to discuss new developments in the zoo world, to give talks about recently visited zoos from all over the world and about conferences, to listen to guest talks and to work on our various projects.

Language still is a problem on the Web. As most of our visitors are from the German area, our site is in German. And it would be much to much effort to translate it all. But, some of the webbased translation engines like Babelfish and Google give quite useful translations: Try this translated version of our Homepage. You then can click on and get more translated pages. If this does not work, copy the URL to the form on the translation engine's website Have fun!

Some facts about us:

 Map of Germany showing our excursion destinations (click to enlarge)

Our projects include:

 Regions of the world where our members visited zoos

Some of our members have their own websites:

Dirk Petzold: Biologist (behavioural ecology and conservationist - English page

Antje Fischer: Biologist, Zoo educator at Bielefeld Wildlifepark, Muntjacs

Dr. Martina Raffel: Biologist (behavioural ecology, curator for in situ conservation at Münster Zoo - EnglishPage

Andreas Höner, Biologist (behavioural ecology, multimedia and web designer - Homepage

To browse our German site, just click on the links to the left (if you did not get the main frame, please load the navigation bar here). The homepage shows news from the Zoo-AG and proposed activities. 'Wir' (we) will introduce you to more members of the Zoo-AG, and the 'Archiv(e)' provides our reports, zoo lists and links.

At the moment, no more English pages are available. But, just stroll around our German pages and don't hesitate to ask everything you want to know: e-mail us.We are always looking for new contacts, ideas, comments!

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